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Monday, 26 March 2018

13th Rajab Wiladat of IMAM ALI (A.S.) latest postry with dp

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Rajab both he mubarak month hai iss din booth say imam ki wiladath hui hain sub say barka molood e kaba ki, chalay main app ko btati jaon k kon say imam our ko sa shahazady kiss kiss date ko nazool howay

Significant Dates

1st Rajab: Birth of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir
3rd Rajab: Martyrdom of Imam Ali al-Hadi
5th Rajab: Birth of Imam Ali al-Hadi
9th Rajab: Birth of Ali Asghar ibn Husain
10th Rajab: Birth of Imam Muhammad al-Taqi
13th Rajab: Birth of Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib
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jashan 2018
15th Rajab: Change of Qibla from Bait ul-Muqaddas to the Ka'ba
22nd Rajab: Death of Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan
24th Rajab: Victory of Muslims in the Battle of Khyber
25th Rajab: Martyrdom of Imam Musa al-Kadhim
27th Rajab: Day of Mab'ath
28th Rajab: Imam Husain ibn Ali started his journey towards Karbala from Medina

13th Rajab Wiladat of IMAM ALI (A.S.)

Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib was born on  13th Rajab 24 BH approximately October 23, 598  the son of Abu Talib, Ali was also the cousin and son-in-law of Islamic prophet Muhammad, ruling over the Islamic Caliphate from 656 to 661, and was the first male convert to Islam. Sunnis consider Ali the fourth and final of the Rashidun (rightly guided Caliphs), while Shias regard Ali as the first Imam and consider him and his descendants the rightful successors to Muhammad, all of which are members of the Ahl al-Bayt the household of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
On the occasion of the birth of this great Imam (a.s.), we extend our congratulations and felicitations to his grandson, the Imam of our time (a.j.) and to all the Muslims, especially to the Shias of Ali (a.s.). It is our prayer that his birth anniversary serves to unite the Muslim nation, to keep them safe, and to allow their continual development

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